January 21, 2012

Co-op portfolio

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  1. Your blog is stunning!!
    YOu have such a great style.
    I'm really diggin' your life drawings and the colour depth and lighting in this piece above is wonderful.
    I also really admire your bear design on your other blog and the elephant further down :)

    Keep up the great work!!
    I'll make sure to come by again soon!

    Oh, By the way, i also share your dream to live in the forest in a tree house... with lots of animal friends, a sketch book, pencils and my ukulele too! :D

  2. 師父amazing! 透明的顏色像果凍般好吃

  3. awww hahaha thanks guys:) with lots of love.

    tori> omg yessssssss ukuleleeeee that little thing sounds so beautiful! only if i got more talent in music.....

  4. wow this is amazing! I have bookmarked your blog and am totally coming back to see your work. This is all digital right?

  5. thank you:)!!!!!!

    and yes katie, it's all done digitally

  6. Hi Jen, You came on my blog a long time ago
    I didn't see your comment, but wow I just discovered your work,
    and it slaps me in my face, your drawing way is so expressive !
    I appréciate more and more your nice comment on my work , you're sooo talented !
    I keep an eye on your website now (: