February 12, 2011

Scribe is such a beautiful job

Recently working on a theme project that involves three classes, storyboard, character design and layout.
My story is about a servant girl and it's probably going to be a tragedy. Maybe.

"As to those learned scribes from early days, they who foretold the future, their names have become everlasting even though they themselves have died and all their family are forgotten. They did not make for themselves enduring tombs and stelae, they left no children to remember their names. They made heirs for themselves out of the books which they composed...though their houses have crumbled and their graves are forgotten, as long as their name is spoken through the books which they made when they lived, happy will be the memory of their authors. It is for ever and all time!"

Found this quote online, it's from an old papyrus. Scribes are the people who wrote hieroglyphs.

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